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    We provide a wide range of
    administrative; corporate;
    and advisory services.
  • Influence bootstrap theme
    We provide a wide range of
    administrative; corporate;
    and advisory services.
  • Influence bootstrap theme
    We provide a wide range of
    administrative; corporate;
    and advisory services.


We provide a wide range of administrative-, corporate- and advisory services for both local- and international companies in close cooperation with professional specialists.

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Our work

Formation and Start up

Time is of the essence in international business. If you are expanding internationally and need a temporary office, we can put a package together to meet your requirements. Our aim is to enable your business to create local presence with maximum convenience.

Bluedale has experience with the assistance and advisory on the formation and start up of companies and can assist you with all related services including secretarial services.

Accounting and Financial Reporting

We adapt our financial service offering to fit your specific requirements- and in developing a tailored solution we take time to truly understand your situation and needs. We offer direct reporting using remote access to update financial reporting in Exact Online financial software.

Our clients like the speed and convenience of this service.

Other services we offer include:

  • Accounting
  • Preparation of monthly /quarterly / annual management accounts
  • Consolidation
  • Coordination with auditors
  • Assisting with preparation for audits or due diligence
  • Financial planning
  • Preparing tax returns and tax coordination services
  • Secondment of staff to clients for short – term accounting projects


 We ensure the good standing of the company and liaise, where necessary, with local advisors in respect of audit, tax or legal issues.

We have established working relationships with several of the most reputable professional firms in this sector.

We have a high grade of experience in setting up and maintain your accounting with Exact Online financial software which is the largest Dutch “in the cloud” provider with many options due to its modular design.

Banking Trade & Treasury

We offer a comprehensive range of banksupport , trading and treasury services. We can assist in setting up your back office and provide day-to-day banking, treasury , shipping and trading transactions support.

Our services include:

  • Treasury services
  • Bankaccount management
  • Invoicing
  • Trade administration and documentation
  • Periodic payments and receipts reports
  • Handling letters of credit
  • Logistic management
  • Transaction monitoring

Logistic services

Bluedale offers logistical services solutions due to our contacts with logistic services providers in the Rotterdam Harbour.

We are active in the following branches

Bluedale is responsible for the maintenance of the accounting system, the accounting, tax and legal part of the client.

Trade of Soda Products

Bluedale is handling the invoice, accounting and para legal services for the client.

Cement terminal

Bluedale facilitates opening of LC’s and is has taken all accounting, tax and legal issues under it’s supervision.

Trade finance including handling Letters of Credit

Bluedale facilitates accounting, financial advorisy and tax. Furthermore we assist with the yearly audit of the company.

Trade in manganese products

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    If you have any questiong about our products or something else, please email us or call us. We"ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

  • Our Location

    Ballade 61
    3335 EL zwijndrecht
    The Netherlands

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